With skill and commitment


and commitment

Responsiveness and conviction

Since 1992, ORP has carried out its activities with a commitment that combines discipline and skill.


The satisfaction of our high-profile clients testify to our effectiveness and dedication.


ORP is a member of the ANCR Syndicat National des Cabinets de Recouvrement de Créances et de Renseignements Commerciaux (National Association of Collection Agencies).

One single contact

Most of the debts handled by ORP are settled amicably. Our experienced staff members:


• Maintain a dialogue with

   the debtor

• Define a profile

• Assess the debtor’s solvency

• Negotiate, persuade, and

   convince your debtor to

   settle the debt

A disciplined organization

Legal expertise

ORP agents are fully qualified DESS law/litigation – and highly trained to recover your debts, both amicably and legally. With your approval, ORP undertakes and follows customised procedures that are best adapted to the amount of debt in question and the solvability of your debtors.


We comply with case law and regulatory changes in laws, leading to quick and effective judgments.

Fast, efficient information

Our national network of detectives quickly locate your debtors who move without leaving a forwarding address. You wish to determine the solvency of a debtor or enforce a judgment?


We can locate the debtor’s employer and/or bank references.

We employ professional and motivated staff, and with one single contact, you can be sure you have a qualified representative acting on your behalf. Your dedicated agent will keep you personally informed of all developments with respect to your case from both an amicable and legal point of view.


Agent’s fees are commission-based and target-driven.

ORP provides you with regular and specific reports on your debt file as often as you like. With this flexible and efficient system, you benefit from customised management of your file and a continued follow-up campaign by telephone. ORP will quickly recover your unpaid debts.